Cleft rhinoplasty is used to correct nasal tip asymmetries and septal deviations. There are 3 ages when a cleft rhinoplasty may be performed: 1) During cleft lip repair-age 3 months; 2) At school age-age 5-8 years; 3) At skeletal maturity-age 15-18years. The technique at each age differs.


-To improve breathing with reconstruction of cartilage support. Breathing improvement may be noticed as relief from sleep apnea.

-To straightened the nose and provide a more appealing and balanced nasal shape that is specific for you.


  • Initial Cleft Nose Repair: Repositioning the ‘slumped’ cartilages with a closed technique at the time of lip repair.
  • Secondary Cleft Rhinoplasty (at school age): Improvement in nose tip projection and nasal symmetry using an open technique.
  • Final Cleft Septorhinoplasty: Correction of septal deviation and fine-tuning the previous nose repairs.


  • Does a secondary cleft rhinoplasty have to be performed?

No, this is an optional procedure in most situations aimed at providing the best appearance at a time when school socialization is occurring.

  • Why does the septal surgery have to wait until teen-aged years?

The septum is a center for face growth and so should not operated on until maturity. In addition, the deviation is not that apparent until teen aged years.