Jaw (Orthognathic) Surgery

Jaw Surgery is used to move the jaws to create the best dental bite and aesthetic appearance. Jaw surgery is recommended for patients with dentofacial deformities that cannot be corrected by orthodontics alone.


-Achieve the best dental occlusal relationship

-Optimize facial aesthetics, balance, and beauty


Dr. Bradley uses 3D imaging, computer virtual planning, model surgery, and custom-milled plates tailored to you (the patient). He works closely with your orthodontist and believes a team approach will give the best ultimate result. Dr. Bradley believes there is still a component of artistry provided by the surgeon to give you the best smile and facial contour.


  • What dentofacial deformity do I have?

Your dentofacial deformity may be Class III (prominent lower jaw), Class II (small lower jaw), vertical maxillary excess (gummy smile), short lower face, or facial asymmetry.

  • How long will the entire process take?

The length of the entire process from presurgical orthodontics to jaw surgery to post surgical refinements will vary patient-to-patient but may take 9-14 months. If you are a candidate for ‘surgery-first’ or ‘rapid orthodontic preparation’ then your length of treatment will be shortened considerably.