Otoplasty or ear pinning corrects protruding ears by moving the external ears closer to the head. This minor surgery fixes ears that ‘stick-out’. It typically is performed in children ages 6 to 21 but may also be performed during adulthood. For school-aged children ridicule from protruding ears and be vicious. A simple office otoplasty can avoid future taunting or cruel joking.


-Correct protruding ears or minor deformities of the external ears.

-Recreate the normal folds of the external ears.

-Have a beneficial affect on a child’s self-esteem.


Dr. Bradley is able to hide all incisions and create a natural looking ear appearance from all viewing angles. He is even able to fix protruding ears that recur or come back after a previous otoplasty.


  • Can otoplasty be performed during other surgeries?

Yes, an otolasty is commonly performed in combination with Facelift or Rhinoplasty procedures.

  • Other than protruding ears, what other deformities are there? Can they be fixed?

Dr. Bradley can fix other ear deformities like Cryptotia (buried or constricted ear), Microtia (underdeveloped ear), Anotia (total absence of ear), Stahl’s Ear (Pointy ear from extra fold), ear tags, and traumatic ear deformity.